Chakrakit Game - Ariana Ost

47 EUR

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This wonderful Chakrakit  games is a unique collaboration between Free People and Ariana Ost. The game helps you connect to the body's energy center. Ask questions based on each chakra point and place the crystals on your body on the board to take notes and work visually through healing.

Comes with a bag with 7 chakra crystals: Root - Red - Jasper, Sacred - Orange - Sunstone, Solar Plexus - Yellow - Calcite, Heart - Green - Fuchsite, Neck - Blue - Sodalite, Third eye - Purple - Amethyst, Crown - White - Clear quartz (rock crystal)

  • Playing cards, a game board & instructions in English
  • Bag with 7 natural healing crystals
  • Packed in a wonderful box with a gold foil pattern