Sound Healing Crystal kit Rose Quartz Lotus Gold - Ariana Ost

122 EUR

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Sound healing in a unique collaboration between Ariana Ost and BioSonic.
Ariana's unique design made with love in a studio in New York. Biosonic founded by Dr. John Beaulieu and Thea Keats Beaulieu who specialize in music therapy and energy medicine to create a state of higher consciousness
Ariana's beautiful creations with healing crystals together with tuning forks from BioSonics create a powerful tool for body and soul. Presented in a beautiful package. With the help of the tuning fork, the power of the crystal is amplified with sound waves. Tap the tuning fork against the crystal and help your mind find harmony and balance in an instant. Helps reduce stress and sink into a meditative state. In this combination, the rose quartz is presented on a beautiful Lotus flower in brass. The tuning fork is tuned to 3366.72 oscillations per second that resonate with the crystal's love energy and healing ability
Perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself. Handmade with love. As all of Ariana's creations are handmade, there may be small scratches and irregularities that add the extra soul and charm that the hand gives to the material.

  • Tuning fork - Tuned to 3366.72 oscillations per second
  • Lotus flower - Brass
  • Rose quartz - Peace, love and healing


Hold a crystal in one hand and the tuning fork in your other hand.
Gently tap the tuning fork against the crystal.
Close your eyes and meditate on the sound and feel of the crystal in your hand
Let the sound waves move gently through your energy field and the points in your body.