Wall Decoration Flower of Life Gold - Ariana Ost

160 EUR
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We just love this handmade wall decoration designed after a sacred geometric pattern that enhances the power of the crystals. Ariana Ost has carefully chosen crystals to create the magic that makes dreams come true. Mixed crystals such as green quartz, lepidolite, rock crystal, amethyst and aquamarine that spread good vibrations. Made with a lot of love and feeling.

  • Crystals - Green quartz, Lepodilit, Rock crystal x 2, Amethyst and Aquamarine.
  • Brass
  • Pattern-Flower of Life
  • Total length 86 cm
  • The flowers are from 15cm to 7cm in circumference
  • If you are looking for healing and strengthening your connection to nature, green quartz is your crystal.
  • Lepodilitis creates calm and balance. Rock crystal helps us to see clearly and brings with it strength and light. The amethyst is anti-anxiety, strengthens our intuition and gives us more vivid dreams. Aquamarine helps us find peace and follow the flow of life.

As all of Ariana's creations are handmade, there may be small scratches and irregularities that add the extra soul and charm that the hand gives to the material.