Wall Decoration Healing Rainbow Crystal Garland - Ariana Ost

151 EUR

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We just love this handmade wall decoration with eleven magnificent crystals in a golden chain. These raw crystals attract the eye and radiate fantastic energy to your room. Ariana Ost has carefully chosen these crystals according to its energy beautiful shapes and structure. Made with a lot of love and feeling.

  • Brass
  • 3 fuchsite - Healing, strengthens our connection to nature and relieves grief
  • 2 blue calcite - Soothing. Helps us express our feelings.
  • 1 pyrite - A stone that earths us brings success and happiness
  • 1 amethyst - The amethyst is protective and powerful! It is like a shield against mental illness, stress and various forms of anxiety. An amethyst calms you in a natural way as it relieves both stress and tension. It is also said to be able to balance mood swings. An amethyst stimulates the mind, helps you find focus, improves memory and gives you motivation. It also relieves insomnia and can help you remember and understand dreams. Perfect to place inside your bedroom.
  • 1 citrine - Citrine is a really wonderful happiness pill! This wonderful little stone gives you joy, enthusiasm and positivity. Carrying a citrine is good for both self-esteem and self-confidence A citrine is perfect for achieving success in various areas. It helps you to see, and above all reach, new opportunities and happiness in life.
  • 1 clear quartz - Clarity, strength and light.
  • 1 lepidolite - Promotes balance and harmony
  • 1 rose quartz - Opens your heart and helps you bring happiness into your life. It teaches you to let go of things that are beyond your control while resolving blockages. A forgiving stone that gives us security
  • 153 cm

As all of Ariana's creations are handmade, there may be small scratches and irregularities that add the extra soul and charm that the hand gives to the material.