Stone bracelet Lotus Amazonit Medium - Blush & Promise

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Fall in love with these handmade bracelets from Blush & Promise where each stone is specially selected to create a piece of jewelry for both body and soul. Here with amazonite that varies in mild green, blue, brown and yellow tones

Amazonite creates balance and helps us set boundaries, it is very calming and dissolves negative energies. It lays the foundation for good and healthy habits. The stone gives the wearer the strength to go his own way and take responsibility for his own life. Chakran: Neck

  • Stone: Amazonite 8mm
  • Charm: Lotus flower. Matt brushed gilded brass. Diameter 15mm.
  • Energy: Soothing and strengthening
  • Chakra: Neck

To think of:

If the bracelet feels tight at first, it is done so considering that stretch thread stretches after a period of use.

Remember to always roll on and off the bracelet