Crystal candle small BALANCE white 300 ml - Love & Stones

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Handmade scented, ceramic crystal candle with black tourmaline.

Love & Stone's handmade crystal candles, with natural soy wax from Sweden, made in Love & Stone's own factory in beautiful island of Mallorca.
Contains the powerful crystal - black tourmaline. The scent is a mixture of organic essential oils such as bergamot and rosemary. Contained in a beautiful ceramic pot with the text ''Love and crystals are the force that keeps everything moving by Love & Stone''.

Each candle is wrapped and packaged in a high-quality box in the color black, made locally in Spain.


The black tourmaline crystal is a protective stone that protects you from negative energy, negative emotions and intentions. It is grounding and helps you find balance. The crystal quartz is the stone for energy, manifestation and clarity. Crystal quartz is the most powerful crystal among all crystals and helps to strengthen the powers of other crystals. The crystal quartz is a strong healing stone.

I am protected by the universe and feel safe and balanced.

When you light your candle, you can choose to leave your stones in the candle, or take them out and place them next to the candle. If you want to leave them in the light, just make sure they don't get too close to the wick as it may extinguish the flame. If this happens, move them slightly to the side when the wax melts.

We recommend that you don't let your candle burn for more than 3 hours at a time and always trim the wick to 0.5 cm after. 

Every time you get a new crystal, it is important that you take a minute and connect with your crystal. Take a minute and just hold it - or hold one hand over the stone - close your eyes and feel the energy. You may feel a little tingling or a warm kind of feeling. Manifest your dreams to your crystal. You do this by closing your eyes and visualizing the dream in front of you and really feeling it. Trust that the universe has your back and will let it happen.

Crystals have several different types of energy. These energies affect the energy around you and even how you feel!


Crystals can come or become a bit loose during transport. However, this does not affect the quality of the firing and is not reason to make a complaint. If this happens, heat the candle a little and put the crystal back at it's place if you want. Love & Stones products are completely handmade and may differ slightly from the picture. Crystals are natural products and each crystal is one of a kind. In this way, each candle is completely unique and trust that these particular crystals are meant just for you. 

  • Brun time 48 timmar
  • Diameter 10 cm height 11 cm
  • 300 ml
  • 100% natural soy wax with organic essential oils
  • Natural cotton wick
  • Crystals: Black tourmaline and crystal quartz
  • Aroma/scent: Bergamot and rosemary