Crystal diffuser CALM amethyst - Love & Stones

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Crystal diffuser with high vibrating energy crystals - amethyst. The diffuser is wonderful to use when meditating, or when you get ready for the day/night. Crystal diffuser is also a beautiful interior detail in your home. Spray a few drops of the oil over the raw stones and enjoy the powerful energy and aromas!

This wonderful kit consists of a beautiful handmade ceramic bowl in black, Amethysts in different shapes and sizes and a glass bottle with oil of mandarin and lavender that strengthens your senses and energies.


The amethyst is known to create calm and relieve stress and anxiety. It will help you manifest positive thoughts, actions and to dispel nightmares and manifest your dreams. 

The amethyst calms and stimulates the mind, and helps you become more focused. It also improves memory, gives you motivation and relieves insomnia and helps to remember and understand dreams.

Take a minute and just hold it - or hold one hand over the stone - close your eyes and feel the energy. You may feel a little tingling or a warm kind of feeling. Manifest your dreams to your crystal. You do this by closing your eyes and visualizing the dream in front of you and really feeling it. Trust that the universe has your back and will let it happen.

Crystals have several different types of energy. These energies affect the energy around you and even how you feel!

  • 10 ml organic oil of mandarin and lavender 
  • Glass bottle
  • Crystal: amethyst
  • Handmade ceramic bowl
  • Diameter of the bowl: 10 cm, height 5 cm