Crystal & Palo santo kit THE CLEANSE & CLARITY BUNDLE - Love & Stones

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A lovely and powerful kit with Palo Santo, Crystal Quartz and Selenite. Beautifully packaged in a black bundle with black silk ribbon.



The crystal quartz is the stone for energy, manifestation and clarity. Crystal quartz is the most powerful crystal among all crystals and helps to strengthen the powers of other crystals. The crystal quartz is a strong healing stone.

Selenite, or the stone of the moon, as it is also called because of the high vibing energy and powerful light it brings. The light from the crystal will guide you, clear all the negative energy around you, as well as other stones. Use the selenite to protect you and your home from bad energy.

Every time you get a new crystal, it is important that you take a minute and connect with your crystal. Take a minute and just hold it - or hold one hand over the stone - close your eyes and feel the energy. You may feel a little tingling or a warm kind of feeling. Manifest your dreams to your crystal. You do this by closing your eyes and visualizing the dream in front of you and really feeling it. Trust that the universe has your back and will let it happen.

Crystals have several different types of energy. These energies affect the energy around you and even how you feel!

Palo Santo, also known as "Holy Wood", has been used since ancient traditions to purify sacred spaces and purify from negative energies. The smoke created from the burning wood is believed to have powerful therapeutic properties. 

Sustainably harvested from South America. Each stick is unique as it is naturally cut. All sticks are ethically produced and sustainably harvested from trees that die naturally.