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Handmade Mala necklace with love from Nouelle in Stockholm Sweden. This unique necklace carries 108 beads of amazonite and a large rock crystal pendant with a white cotton tassel.

The Amazonite gives you peace and harmony. It alleviates your anxiety and your fears give you good protection against other people's negative energies.
An amazonite makes you become more true to yourself and also supports you in communication with others. It also helps you to dare to follow your dreams, if you can dream it then you can achieve it too!

Rock crystal, often referred to in English as Clear Quartz Point, is the most popular healing stone. It is one of the most powerful crystals that harmonizes with and strengthens the forces in other crystals and stones. It is said to help positive thoughts and energies grow while clearing negative thought patterns. The rock crystal is also good for strengthening your ability to concentrate.

  • 108 beads - amazonite.
  • Guru bead (pendant): Rock crystal with a white cotton tassel.
  • Size: Beads 8mm
  • Color: Variations of turquoise green yellow and gray tones

Malas a tool for meditation

A Mala necklace is a wonderful tool to help you on your spiritual journey. It helps you to focus on your intention and through meditation reveal the secrets hidden in your heart. Trust the wisdom within and start an adventurous journey towards enlightenment.

A Mala necklace contain 108 beads . It's a sacred number and is believed to have a different meaning  in different traditions.  In Buddhism, there are 108 earthly desires that must be overcome to achieve enlightenment. Others have found the number 108 significant in astrology where the multiplication of 12 houses and 9 planets equals 108. Whatever your believe the magic of the beads help you to detract your busy mind and hear your inner voice.

How to use your Mala necklace

First, hold your Mala in the left hand (the receiving hand) between the index or middle finger and thumb. Grasp the Mala gently but with intention. Take a few natural breaths and begin.
Start counting with the first bead after the guru bead. Count one bead for each completed recitation, affirmation or mantra. Continue this for 108 beads