Mala bracelet Give love - Nouelle

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Handmade Mala bracelets with love from Nouelle in Stockholm Sweden. These bracelets vibrates with its own unique energy from the pink zebra jasper.
On one of the two bracelets hangs a hand-knotted light gray tassel

A calming and soothing stone that provides balance The pink zebra jasper stands for strength and stability that is said to provide protection, strength, courage and drive.
It strengthens self-esteem and promotes balance and better health Agate can also be worn to attract love and to avoid jealous thoughts and malice
Creates joy around you and helps you fulfill your dreams

  • Beads - Pink zebra jasper
  • Size: Beads 8mm
  • Intermediates in 925 sterling silver
  • Light gray cotton tassel
  • One size elastic bracelets that fit most people
  • Color: Variations of white pink and gray

If the bracelet feels tight at first, it is done so considering that the elastic thread will stretch after a period of use.
Remember to always roll on and off the bracelet