Warriors of the divine

Lisa from Warriros of the Divine started making Angel wing kimonos almost ten years ago now. She truly believe in carrying the energy and guidance of Archangel Gabriel.

Warriors of the Divine are proud to be a SLOW FASHION label - keeping things traditionally made which also keep skilled artisans in jobs! Made by humans, not machines! They also love their workers and pay and treat them fairly.

Using the ancient method of batik each kimono is individually hand painted and produced fairly - meaning every one of the workers received a living wage as outlined by the Indonesian government and in most cases higher. They also are treated ethically with regular checks of their equipment, breaks, well ventilated work space and  so much more. Warriors of the Divine also produce their clothing  responsibly to the environment. Their painting house has purpose built wells that dispose of their dyes ensuring that don't enter the water catchment areas and therefore don't end up polluting the rivers and ocean.