Affirmation Cards "Super Attractor" - Gabrielle Bernstein

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Super Attractor is a 52 absolutely lovely affirmation card from the wonderful Gabrielle Bernstein (the text is in English) Draw a card every day and be inspired by a daily reflection and a fantastic personal development!

Being a Super Attractor means that what you manifest and believe in, you get back. This fantastic deck of cards helps you connect to and live in line with the universe so you can enter a flow of well-being and develop your own Super Attractor powers. Dare to let this into your life and see how miracles happen.

  • 52 wonderfully illustrated cards
  • Text by Gabrielle Bernstein (text in English)
  • Illustrated by Michaela Ezra
  • The size of the cards is approximately 9 x 12.5 cm

Two examples of how you can use the cards:

- Choose a card every morning and create a wonderful morning ritual! You can then make it your mantra all day. You may want to meditate on mantra counters so you can take the card with you, have it in front of your desk to remind you to turn inward and repeat your mantra!

- Get spiritual guidance. When mixing your deck of cards, call on a guide such as your spirit guide, your guardian angel, an ancestor, or the like to give you guidance. You can ask for guidance on something specific, such as a problem you want to solve or if you have a decision you need to make. Or you can simply ask them to show you what you need to know right now.