Diary The Sacred Veil - Danielle Noel

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The diary The Sacred Veil Journal is an incredibly beautiful and unique exercise book from the fantastic Danielle Noel. It has a soft, wonderfully illustrated cover and a full 300 pages to write your thoughts and reflections on. At the beginning of the book, there are inspiring ideas about Journaling to support your dreams and stimulate your creativity.

Every now and then in the book, there are pages with wonderful illustrations to inspire you and awaken your creative ability. The book has a unique content with 3 recurring variants of pages to write on:

  • Card of the Day. Unique pages with spreads for notes around "Card of the Day" for 6 oracle or tarot cards.
  • Inner Reflections. Small questions that arouse your thoughts and give you guidance in everyday life.
  • Dotted Lines. Dotted lines for all your notes for the purpose you choose.

The diary does not follow dates so you can write in it whenever / however you want. Use the book for the purpose you desire, as a diary, to write down thoughts and reflections in life, to follow your spiritual journey and the tarot readings you make, for personal development, as a gratitude diary or to write down your goals and dreams for the future .

  • Size: 228x184mm
  • Number of pages: 300 pages
  • Pattern: The Sacred Veil Journal
  • Hard binders
  • Gold foiling on the front and back and the edge of the leaves
  • Placeholder

Danielle Noel's beautiful words about The Sacred Veil Journal:
'A powerful symbol representing the hidden wisdom of Nature and Creation - the veil of Isis initiates those who hear the whispers of its magic. Steeped in the ancient mystery of teachings of the priestess lineages of the ages, this celestial motif has also been venerated throughout many origins: from the ancient Egyptian, Universal Isis, Artemis of Ephesus, the triple Goddess and Magdalene path, and the great Cosmic Mother . '

So much love went into this journal. The guided pages and details of this book have been specially designed with the intention of bringing a passion for journaling into one supportive space - to help awaken your imagination and nourish your dreams.

Throughout the book are also splashes of artwork to color your senses and soothe your heart.