Oracle Cards "The Starseed Oracle" - Rebecca Campbell

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The Oracle Cards The Starseed Oracle are created by Rebecca Campbell and illustrated by Danielle Noel. Activate your cosmic energy and awaken your soul with these 53 beautiful oracle cards. They are for all seekers, light bearers and star souls - souls who have a special longing for the mysterious and the unknown.

Rebecca Campbell encourages you to respond to your soul's callings, find the soul's wisdom, and create a life that is in tune with your higher purpose. The cards help you connect to the portal to your heart, make you remember who you are on a soul level and unlock your soul's gifts.

In the accompanying guidebook you will find instructions on how to customize your Starseed Oracle cards, your inner guidance and the cosmic energy. Each card interpretation contains a call to action that helps you unlock the gifts of your soul, connect with your cosmic origin, and remember who you really are.

  • Contains 53 oracle cards (text in English)
  • Supplied guidebook (text in English)
  • Created by Rebecca Campbell
  • Illustrated by: Danielle Noel
  • Card size: approx. 9 x 13 cm

What is a Star Soul?

A Star Soul is an "old soul", a human being whose soul has experienced places other than the earth. Could it be that we are all star souls? Maybe just that some of us are more aware of it because we have not sunk as far into oblivion yet? Or some souls have been reincarnated more often (or more recently) in different places in the Universe.

The oracle maps show energy portals, ancient sites, distant planets and star systems, thus opening the way to things that cannot be seen with our eyes. For those of you who are drawn to the unknown within the stars, these cards will help you:

  • Identify yourself as a star soul, and understand what it means
  • Feel less alone in the universe and understand your longing for "home"
  • Activate imprinted memories of your soul's story through beautiful cosmic images