Tarot Cards The Starchild Tarot - Akashic

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Absolutely lovely tarot cards from The Starchild Tarot (the text is in English). This deck of cards is their classic and is called The Starchild Tarot - Akashic.

Starchild Tarot contains 79 cards - including the Major Arcana (the Major Arcana) and the Minor Arcana of the Four Suites.

You also get a comprehensive guide of 169 pages for readers of all levels, including 5+ Tarot layouts, information on all 79 cards with corresponding pictures and daily journaling prompts (diary ideas). Here are also tips on how to shuffle the cards, how to read reverse meanings and additional esoteric keys for Stora Arkanan.

  • 79 cards. Lovingly illustrated card by artist Danielle Noel
  • Very luxurious card with satin matte finish. 7x12cm
  • Beautiful box to store the cards in
  • Supplied guidebook in English of 169 pages (coming to the side)

While The Starchild Tarot is conscious, galactic and supernatural, The Moonchild Tarot is subconscious and foundational and serves as a new channel for spiritual awareness, working with the amazing power of the moon.

This Tarot game from The Starchild Tarot represents the culmination of many years of paintings, illustrations, photographs and design, and offers a unique window into the Tarot world.