Amethyst Point small

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The amethyst can be protective and powerful! You can see it like a shield against mental illness, stress and various forms of anxiety. An amethyst calms you in a natural way as it relieves both stress and tension. It is also said to be able to balance mood swings.

An amethyst stimulates the mind, helps you find focus, improves your memory and gives you motivation. It also relieves insomnia and can help you remember and understand dreams. Perfect to have in your bedroom.

  • Name: Amethyst
  • Type: Raw Point
  • Color: Purple with hints of back and white
  • Size: about 20-35 x 35-55mm
  • Weight: about 20-50g

All our stones and crystals look a little different in color, shape and size. Unevenness and cracks are such things that make each stone unique. The crystal you get has chosen you! Believe that this is the stone you need right now. You will not be disappointed, we send lots of love and positivity with every stone.

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