Clear Quartz cuddle stone

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Clear Quartz is the most popular healing stone. It is said to be one of the most powerful crystals that harmonizes with and strengthens the forces in other crystals and stones.

It can help positive thoughts and energies to grow while clearing negative thought patterns. The Clear Quartz is also good for strengthening your ability to concentrate.

A Touchstone lays perfect in your hand and it is popular to use for meditation.

  • Name: Clear Quartz
  • Type: Cuddle stone
  • Color: Transparent/white
  • Size: about 25-35mm
  • Weight: about 15-30g

A Cuddle stone is shaped round or oval and it is extra comfortable to hold in the hand, perfect for meditation. You can also roll it between your fingers for a naturally relaxing effect.

All our stones and crystals look a little different in color, shape and size. Unevenness and cracks are such things that make each stone unique. The crystal you get has chosen you! Believe that this is the stone you need right now. You will not be disappointed, we send lots of love and positivity with every stone.

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