Chakra Crystal kit

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Chakra crystal kit with wonderful healing crystals. In the kit there are seven crystals; Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Green Quartz, Citrine, Orange Calcite & Red Jasper. Placed in a nice box that makes it the perfect gift!

Tip! Clean your crystals with a Sage Smudge stick, click here to see all our Smudge sticks.
Keep in mind that the crystals come from nature, which means that size and appearance can vary.

The Chakra Crystal kit contains

Below you see the content and meaning of each crystal / stone in the lovely Chakra crystal kit. Use them one at a time or lie down comfortably on your back, place each crystal on its chakra and feel the energy and vibrations flow into your body and soul!

Crown Chakra - Top of the Head - Violet - Amethyst

The amethyst can be protective and powerful! You can see it like a shield against mental illness, stress and various forms of anxiety. An amethyst calms you in a natural way as it relieves both stress and tension. It is also said to be able to balance mood swings.

An amethyst stimulates the mind, helps you find focus, improves your memory and gives you motivation. It also relieves insomnia and can help you remember and understand dreams. Perfect to have in your bedroom.

Third Eye Chakra - Between the eyebrows (Third Eye) - Indigo Blue - Sodalite

The sodalite can help you develop your intuition and make you trust your instincts. It appeals to your spiritual perspectives and the third eye. It makes you creative and encourages you to open up to new perspectives.

A sodalite can give order and peace to the mind, create emotional balance and calm panic attacks. It can improves your self-esteem and help you feel self-acceptance and develop your self-confidence.

Throat chakra - Throat - Light blue - Blue Calcite  

Blue Calcite can have a calming effect on both body and soul. It can help you release stress and make you focus on positive thoughts. Blue calcite is known to calm your nerves and has an anti-anxiety effect.

It can also give you inspiration and creative ideas. Blue calcite has a positive effect on learning and the ability to remember.

Heart chakra - Middle of the chest - Green - Green Quartz

Green quartz activates your heart chakra and bring love into your life. It is good for mental healing and it absorbs negative energy. This makes it a popular stone to have during meditation.

The green quartz is also said to stimulate your creativity and increase your energy. A real feel good stone!

Solar Plexus Chakra - Upper Stomach - Yellow - Citrine

Citrine is a yellow stone filled with good vibes! It can give you joy, boost your enthusiasm and positivity. Carrying a citrine is good for both self-esteem and self-confidence.

A citrine is perfect for success in various fields. It helps you to see, and above all reach, new goals and happiness in life.

Sacral Chakra - Lower Stomach - Orange - Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is an energizing and cleansing stone. It can balance your emotions, remove fears and overcome depression. The stone supports you to solve problems and maximize your potential!

An Orange Calcite is a good mental healer. It calms the mind, stimulates insight and sharpens your memory.

Root chakra - Pelvic floor - Red - Red Jasper

Red Jasper can give you courage, strength, energy and make you stand steady on the ground. It is protective and good to have in stressful situations.

A Red Jasper can help you make the right decision in situations where you are facing difficult choices. It gives you vitality and keeps you focused. It is also said to bring out your inner beauty.