Sage Bundle White Sage


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White Sage is a 100% natural and is used as a ceremonial incense. White sage has a slightly strong and aromatic scent. Knotted with 100% cotton yarn that is easy to fire.

Cleanse yourself and your space around you before meditation or yoga. Sage Bundles are also perfect for cleansing your Crystals & Stones. 

  • White Sage
  • Size: approx. 10cm x 3,5cm
  • Knotted with 100% cotton yarn

How to use White Sage
The sage bundle is used in a similar way to the Palo Santo sticks. Light a fire at one end, blow out the fire and wave around the smoke with the help of a feather or with your hand. Extinguish the flame against a fireproof object or leave it in a fireproof bowl and make sure that it is really extinguished.

White Sage bundles can be used many times over and over.