Smudge kit with Palo Santo Blue Sage & Moss Agate

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Smudge kit with a Palo Santo stick, Sage Bundle with Blue Sage / Desert Sage and a Moss Agate. Use your smudge kit when you want to cleanse spaces and places from negative energy while inviting in loving and positive energy. You can also purify yourself before meditation to get in balance.

The Smudge Kit contains:

1 x Moss Agate
1 x Palo Santo stick 10x2 cm
1 x Sage Bundle Blue sage / Desert Sage 10x3,5cm
1 x Natural-colored bag with Soul Factory logo to place your crystal, Palo Santo and Sage in.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a grounding crystal that makes you feel down to earth. It's perfect for meditation or and when you need support before you have to make big decisions. A crystal that has a strong connection to mother nature.

A Moss agate is both soothing and strengthening and really boosts your self-confidence.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo originates from the sacred scent tree and is therefore called "Holy Wood". The scent is reminiscent of the incense Frankincense and Myrrh. Palo Santo has been used in various sacred rituals for thousands of years and cultures. Palo Santo is know for its powerful cleansing properties but is also used as a natural insect repellent, air purifier. It is also lovely to use for mind and body relaxation.

How to use Palo Santo
Light your Palo Santo stick and when you see it burn, blow until the flame disappears and smoke remains. Move the stick in a circular motion over the place or person you want to cleans, or place it on a fireproof dish / bowl if you want the stick to smoke for a longer time. When done cleansing - dip the smoking side in water and make sure it is completely burned out.

Blue Sage

Blue Sage is a 100% natural and is used as a ceremonial incense. Blue sage (blue sage also called desert sage) has a slightly softer scent than white sage, which many people appreciate. The scent of blue sage is little reminiscent of the scent of lavender. Knotted with 100% cotton yarn that is easy to fire.

How to use Blue Sage
The sage bundle is used in a similar way to the Palo Santo sticks. Light a fire at one end, blow out the fire and wave around the smoke with the help of a feather or with your hand. Extinguish the flame against a fireproof object or leave it in a fireproof bowl and make sure that it is really extinguished.

Both the Palo Santo sticks and Blue Sage bundles can be used many times over and over.